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Shure ULXD Wireless Mic 

Shure UHF-R Wireless Mic 

Shure SLX/ULXP Wireless 

Shure ULXD Wireless Mic Rack (4,8, or 12 Pk) 

Countryman E6
Shure SM58, SM57, & SM81 
Shure Beta 52,Beta 58, Beta 87, & Beta 98
Shure KSM 32, KSM 44
PZM Boundary Microphone
Low Profile Podium Mic
Low Profile Push To Talk 


Wireless Intercom (HME) 

Wired Intercom (Clearcom) 

Powered Speakers 

JBL VRX 932 12” w/ Flyware 

JBL VRX 918 Sub
12” Yamaha/JBL/EV
8” QSC K8 

10” QSC K10


32ch Behringer x32

32ch Midas M-32

32ch Midas Digital Snake
16ch A&H QU16 Digital 

16ch A&H Digital Snake 

32ch A&H Mixing Console 

16ch QSC TouchMix

14ch (6 Mic inputs)
  4ch Shure Mixer 


Audio Playback & Recording 

Marantz PMD661 SD Recorder 

Instant Replay 


Audio Accessories 

Stereo 31 Band EQ
Direct Boxes
Digital Telephone Interface
Mic Stands; Table, Floor, & Boom 

Polycom Conference Phone
USB Microphone Preamp
Assisted Listening System

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